ACBL All-Star Game History

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2021First Energy ParkWolff All-Stars8Kaiser All-Stars5
2020ASG CancelledCOVID Pandemic 
2019Yogi Berra StadiumNYCBL3ACBL0
2018Onondaga CCNYCBL7ACBL6
2017Quakertown ParkKaiser Division5Wolff Division4
2016Pomona, NYWolff Division2Kaiser Division1
2015Quakertown ParkKaiser Division2Wolff Division2
2014Quakertown ParkKaiser Division3Wolff Division0
2013St. John's UniversityACBL4US Military All-Stars4
2012MCU ParkWolff / Kaiser Division2Hamptons Division1
2011MCU ParkACBL East5ACBL West4
2010St. John's UniversityACBL West4ACBL East1
2009St. John's UniversityKaiser Division11Wolff Division0
2008St. John's UniversityWolff Division9Kaiser Division5
2007Lafayette CollegeWolff Division6Kaiser Division2
2006Lafayette CollegeWolff Division9Kaiser Division0
2005St. John's UniversityWolff Division5Kaiser Division4
2004St. John's UniversityKaiser Division3Wolff Division1
2003Yogi Berra StadiumWolff Division6Kaiser Division4
2002Campbell StadiumWolff Division7Kaiser Division5
2001Shea StadiumKaiser Division5Wolff Division2
2000College of Staten IslandKaiser Division4Wolff Division2
1999Quakertown ParkWolff Division4Kaiser Division3
1998Lackawanna CountyWolff Division8Kaiser Division8
1997Quakertown ParkWolff Division10Kaiser Division1
1996Skylands ParkACBL East5ACBL West4
1995Skylands ParkACBL West5ACBL East4
1994Quakertown ParkWolff Division2Kaiser Division1
1993CooperstownNortheastern League3ACBL2
1992RutgersWolff Division5Kaiser Division4
1991Yankee StadiumACBL4Northeastern League2
1990Lackawanna CountyKorean National Team3ACBL1
1990Quakertown ParkKorean National Team9ACBL2
1989Veterans StadiumACBL8Northeastern League5
1988Quakertown ParkTeam USA19ACBL1
1987Fenway ParkCape Cod League10ACBL1
1986Shea StadiumCape Cod League6ACBL2
1985Fenway ParkCape Cod League12ACBL9
1984Shea StadiumSouth Korea8ACBL0
1984Veterans StadiumCape Cod League7ACBL3
1983Fenway ParkCape Cod League6ACBL2
1982Shea StadiumACBL5Cape Cod League3
1981Fenway ParkACBL4Cape Cod League4
1980Yankee StadiumCape Cod League10ACBL9
1979Fenway ParkCape Cod League6ACBL5
1978Shea StadiumGame PPD 
1977Fenway ParkCape Cod League8ACBL3
1976Yankee StadiumCape Cod League4ACBL1
1975Fenway ParkCape Cod League1ACBL0
1975Veterans StadiumValley League ACBL 
1974FalmouthACBL4Cape Cod League2
1973Veterans StadiumPenn-Del League ACBL 
1972Shea StadiumTeam USA ACBL 
1971ChathamCape Cod League6ACBL3
1970Yankee StadiumCape Cod League6ACBL3

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2021 ACBL Standings

Wolff Division

Trenton Generals2515090
Trenton Capitals1622070

Kaiser Division

North Jersey236075
New York1223059
New Brunswick1222058
Ocean Ospreys1024054

3 points for a Win, 2 points for a Tie, 1 point for a Loss

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