2019 New Brunswick Matrix Schedule

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06/01/1911:00 AMTrenton7Ocean Gulls9Pt Pleasant HS (Antrim School)
06/01/191:00 PMTrenton4Ocean Gulls0Pt Pleasant HS (Antrim School)
06/04/196:30 PMOcean Gulls6Ocean Osprey13Wall Sports Complex
06/06/196:30 PMNew York7Ocean Gulls6Wall Sports Complex
06/08/1911:00 AMQuakertown7Ocean Gulls4Pt Pleasant HS (Antrim School)
06/08/191:00 PMQuakertown2Ocean Gulls3Pt Pleasant HS (Antrim School)
06/11/196:30 PMNorth Jersey0Ocean Gulls (PPD)0Wall Sports Complex
06/13/197:00 PMOcean Gulls0North Jersey (PPD)0Overpeck County Park
06/15/1911:00 AMJersey3Ocean Gulls4Wall Sports Complex
06/15/191:00 PMJersey2Ocean Gulls3Wall Sports Complex
06/16/191:00 PMOcean Gulls5Quakertown13Memorial Park
06/22/191:00 PMOcean Gulls0New York (PPD)0College of Staten Island
06/22/193:00 PMOcean Gulls0New York (PPD)0College of Staten Island
06/25/195:00 PMOcean Osprey0Ocean Gulls (PPD)0Wall Sports Complex
06/27/195:00 PMOcean Gulls10Ocean Osprey8Pt Pleasant HS (Antrim School)
06/27/196:30 PMNew York0Ocean Gulls (PPD)0Wall Sports Complex
06/29/1911:00 AMAllentown1Ocean Gulls5Pt Pleasant HS (Antrim School)
06/29/191:00 PMAllentown9Ocean Gulls0Pt Pleasant HS (Antrim School)
06/30/1911:00 AMNorth Jersey8Ocean Gulls2Pt Pleasant HS (Antrim School)
06/30/191:00 PMNorth Jersey6Ocean Gulls8Pt Pleasant HS (Antrim School)
07/04/1911:00 AMOcean Osprey5Ocean Gulls4Pt Pleasant HS (Antrim School)
07/06/1911:00 AMNew York6Ocean Gulls2Pt Pleasant HS (Antrim School)
07/06/191:00 PMNew York0Ocean Gulls (PPD)0Pt Pleasant HS (Antrim School)
07/07/1911:00 AMOcean Gulls0Ocean Osprey4Pt Pleasant HS (Antrim School)
07/07/191:00 PMOcean Gulls3Ocean Osprey1Pt Pleasant HS (Antrim School)
07/12/195:00 PMOcean Gulls0Allentown5ECTB Stadium
07/12/197:00 PMOcean Gulls3Allentown4ECTB Stadium
07/13/1911:00 AMOcean Gulls1Quakertown1Pt Pleasant HS (Antrim School)
07/14/191:00 PMOcean Gulls2Jersey16Drew University
07/14/193:00 PMOcean Gulls1Jersey4Drew University
07/16/195:00 PMNorth Jersey11Ocean Gulls5Wall Sports Complex
07/16/197:00 PMOcean Gulls0North Jersey8Wall Sports Complex
07/20/195:00 PMOcean Gulls1North Jersey5Breslin Field
07/20/197:00 PMOcean Gulls4North Jersey6Breslin Field
07/21/1910:00 AMOcean Gulls1Trenton2Timberlane Athletic Fields (HVCHS)
07/21/1912:30 PMOcean Gulls5Trenton7Timberlane Athletic Fields (HVCHS)
07/24/195:15 PMOcean Osprey0Ocean Gulls1Pt Pleasant HS (Antrim School)
07/27/191:00 PMOcean Gulls3New York5College of Staten Island
07/27/193:00 PMOcean Gulls3New York9College of Staten Island
07/31/195:00 PMOcean Gulls0Ocean Osprey (PPD)0Pt Pleasant HS (Antrim School)

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2021 ACBL Standings

Wolff Division

Trenton Generals2212078
Trenton Capitals1419061

Kaiser Division

North Jersey216069
New Brunswick1218054
New York1120053
Ocean Ospreys822046

3 points for a Win, 2 points for a Tie, 1 point for a Loss

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