2019 Jersey Pilots Schedule

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06/01/191:00 PMJersey4Quakertown3Memorial Park
06/01/193:00 PMJersey9Quakertown3Memorial Park
06/02/191:00 PMNew York6Jersey2Drew University
06/02/193:00 PMNew York4Jersey3Drew University
06/06/197:00 PMJersey2Trenton4Mercer County Park
06/08/1912:00 PMJersey2North Jersey4Breslin Field
06/08/192:00 PMJersey2North Jersey3Breslin Field
06/09/191:00 PMQuakertown14Jersey7Drew University
06/09/193:00 PMQuakertown2Jersey3Drew University
06/15/1911:00 AMJersey3Ocean Gulls4Wall Sports Complex
06/15/191:00 PMJersey2Ocean Gulls3Wall Sports Complex
06/16/191:00 PMTrenton11Jersey9Drew University
06/16/193:00 PMTrenton0Jersey4Drew University
06/19/195:00 PMJersey0Allentown (PPD)0ECTB Stadium
06/19/197:00 PMJersey0Allentown (PPD)0ECTB Stadium
06/23/191:00 PMOcean Osprey3Jersey2Drew University
06/23/193:00 PMOcean Osprey1Jersey3Drew University
06/27/195:00 PMNorth Jersey9Jersey0Drew University
06/30/191:00 PMJersey2Trenton3Timberlane Athletic Fields (HVCHS)
06/30/193:00 PMJersey7Trenton2Timberlane Athletic Fields (HVCHS)
07/03/197:00 PMJersey5Trenton10Mercer County Park
07/07/191:00 PMAllentown3Jersey0Drew University
07/07/193:00 PMAllentown2Jersey3Drew University
07/10/195:00 PMJersey3Allentown4ECTB Stadium
07/10/197:00 PMJersey3Allentown11ECTB Stadium
07/13/191:00 PMJersey9New York7College of Staten Island
07/13/193:00 PMJersey3New York1College of Staten Island
07/14/191:00 PMOcean Gulls2Jersey16Drew University
07/14/193:00 PMOcean Gulls1Jersey4Drew University
07/20/1911:00 AMJersey4Ocean Osprey8Pt Pleasant HS (Antrim School)
07/20/191:00 PMJersey1Ocean Osprey5Pt Pleasant HS (Antrim School)
07/21/191:00 PMAllentown5Jersey4Raritan Valley CC
07/21/193:00 PMAllentown0Jersey (PPD)0Raritan Valley CC
07/23/195:00 PMNorth Jersey0Jersey (PPD)0Raritan Valley CC
07/25/195:30 PMJersey2Quakertown5Memorial Park
07/25/197:30 PMJersey4Quakertown3Memorial Park
07/26/195:00 PMTrenton5Jersey5Drew University
07/28/191:00 PMQuakertown1Jersey6Drew University
07/28/193:00 PMQuakertown1Jersey8Drew University
07/31/195:00 PMTrenton0Jersey (PPD)0Drew University

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2021 ACBL Standings

Wolff Division

Trenton Generals2515090
Trenton Capitals1622070

Kaiser Division

North Jersey236075
New York1223059
New Brunswick1222058
Ocean Ospreys1024054

3 points for a Win, 2 points for a Tie, 1 point for a Loss

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