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Category : Career At Bats

 447Rico BelliniPilots1971-74
 439Joe McCannPilots/Nationals1976-78
 433J. KochmanskyBlazers1985-87
 427Ed BlankenmeyerNationals1973-75
 418Art FischettiNationals1972-74

Category : Career Batting Average

 0.424Andy DonatelliBlazers/Wings1982-84
 0.415Tom NunevillerBlazers1988-89
 0.401Gary ResetarPilots1986-87
 0.386John KochmanskyBlazers1985-87
 0.382Bill SasermanWings1981-83

Category : Career Doubles

 31Fred DeVitoGenerals1977-78
 29J. KochmanskyBlazers1985-87
 28Eric SpadtBlazers1997-99
 27T. NunevillerBlazers1988-90
 26Bob GreinerGenerals1974-76

Category : Career Hits

 177Andy DonatelliBlazers/Wings1982-84
 167John KochmanskyBlazers1985-87
 139Ed BlankmeyerNationals1973-75
 136Eric SpadtBlazers1997-99
 135Tom HorincewichPilots1989-91

Category : Career Home Runs

 25Mike PalysRed Soxx1986-88
 24Brad RemigPilots1987-89
 21Mike RyanRed Soxx1982-83
 17Many Players  

Category : Career Runs Batted In

 112A. DonatelliBlazers/Wings1982-84
 109Brad RemigPilots1987-89
 93J. KochmanskyBlazers1985-87
 90Mike RyanRed Soxx1982-83
 87Jeff CholishRed Soxx1982-84

Category : Career Runs Scored

 115J. KochmanskyBlazers1985-87
 106A. DonatelliBlazers/Wings1982-84
 96Joe McCannPilots/Nationals1976-78
 93Bill SassermanWings1981-83
 90Rico BelliniPilots1971-74

Category : Career Slugging Percentage

 0.645Mike RyanRed Soxx1982-83
 0.637T. NunevillerBlazers1988-89
 0.612Jeff MartinNationals1976-77
 0.608Brad RemigPilots1987-89
 0.595A. DonatellBlazers/Wings1982-84

Category : Career Stolen Bases

 74Joe McCannPilots/Nationals1976-78
 64Al OrtizPilots1976-78
 58S. McInerneyNationals1977-78
 53Tom HorincewichPilots1989-91
 52Rico BelliniPilots1971-74
 52G. SeropianNationals1976-78

Category : Career Total Bases

 248Andy DonatelliBlazers/Wings1982-84
 226Brad RemigPilots1987-89
 213Eric SpadtBlazers1997-99
 196Jeff MartinNationals1976-77
 190Ed BlankmeyerNationals1973-75

Category : Career Triples

 11Eric SpadtBlazers1997-99
 10Bob LazorPilots1972-74
 9Frank RossiJC Coll.1967-69
 9John KochmanskyBlazers1985-87
 9Glenn MeyersPilots1984
 9Carl LoadenthalBlazers2002

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